I.Design.Spaces is an Interior Design firm founded by licensed interior designers Cheska Mendoza-Orellana and Errol Orellana in the year 2007 located in Manila, Philippines. Since its inception, the firm has accumulated an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial projects either unaided or in collaboration with other noteworthy architects, engineers and design professionals.

What We Do

I.Design.Spaces offers comprehensive interior design services for your prestigious businesses. We believe that one of the smartest investments in ensuring your success is providing spaces of attraction and interest for your valued clientele and stimulation and comfort for your hardworking teams. We aim to design a space that will best represent your company’s spirit, mood and style. Let us create something for you!

I.Design.Spaces takes pride in designing not just condominiums, apartments, or houses for all of our valued clientele, but extensions of the personalities and characters of each one of them. We specialize in creating interior spaces that both the owners and designers can really be proud of, finding the perfect balance of function and aesthetics important to living happy and fulfilled in the homes that we work on.


The Designers

Cheska Mendoza-Orellana is an interior designer of remarkable talent and style. Informed by continuous studies in the field of design, reading and travel, she instills each project with her distinctive sense of style. Her keen eye for detail and constant drive to create design masterpieces ensure outputs that both the client and the designer can truly be proud of.

Errol Orellana is an interior designer with a deep technical inclination and talent. Infusing projects with practical and inventive ideas, he finds innovative solutions to the various design problems of the firm’s clients. He strives to come up with fresh and sensible designs, aiming to satisfy the needs and resources of the client to produce an interior space that fulfils the project goals.

The designers are both graduates of The Philippine School of Interior Design (2003) and holders of BS Interior Design diplomas from the De La Salle – College of St. Benilde. They are also PRC registered interior designers since 2005 and have been practicing designers since then.



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